Bringing scientific inquiry and research to the forefront of what we do enables our engineers to take emerging technologies from hype to actual game-changers. And we are here to uncover this tremendous opportunity for you, too.

AI & Data Science

Our data science team uses AI and ML techniques to build smart machines capable of extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data and using it to enhance decision-making, make predictions, automate tedious routines, and much more.

Association rule learning

A rule-based machine learning method that enables discovery of associations in one or multiple large data sets.


Deep learning

A network of artificial neurons that enables a computer to learn to recognize patterns — almost like a human brain.


Inductive logic programming

Using the expressive and declarative first-order logic to tackle problems involving structured data and background knowledge.


Bayesian networks

A probabilistic graphical model used to build models from data and expert opinion for predictions, anomaly detection, and more.

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Reinforcement learning

Training of machine learning models to come up with solutions to a problem in uncertain, complex environments.

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Generic rule-based machine learning

Identifying and utilizing a set of rules that collectively represent the knowledge collected by the system.

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Sparse dictionary learning

A machine learning method aimed at finding a sparse representation of training data and used for compressed sensing and signal processing.

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Genetic algorithms

Stochastic search algorithms that act on a population of possible solutions to a problem to find the “fittest” one.

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Heuristic algorithms

A problem-solving method designed to find a faster and more efficient solution in a limited time frame or deadline while working with complex data.

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Computer vision

We train machines to identify objects and patterns on images and video, then act upon their interpretations with the speed and accuracy unimagined for humans. This scientific discipline applies to medical image processing, industrial machinery, video surveillance, autonomous vehicles, and other systems that collect and process visual data.

Natural language processing

We enable computers to understand and communicate in human languages. Our customers can use this technology in interactive voice response applications, language translation, customer support, personal assistants, and more.

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Big data

We take a scientific approach to solving the challenges of large volumes of data and help businesses streamline complex data processing operations. As a result, they gain mission-critical insights that unlock data-driven decisions across their entire organization.


Our data science team will help you assess your current business context and map out a plan that will ensure seamless implementation and maximum value for your Big Data initiative.

Data mining

we bring together all your big data sources and use a combination of AL, ML and statistics to discover patterns and ultimately predict outcomes

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Data governance

We make sure that your data is always available, clean, up-to-date, secure, consistent, and ready for integration with AI, ML, IoT, and other technologies.

Customer master data management

We ensure accurate and consolidated management of customer data across all your enterprise ecosystems to unlock your competitive edge in full compliance with privacy and security laws.

Big data integration

We pull together your disparate data silos into a single source of truth to ensure data accessibility, reduced latency, scalability, and continuity.

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Big data analytics

We turn ever-growing volumes of unstructured data into customizable, visualized, and interactive reports and dashboards that will open up tremendous analytical capabilities for even the non-techiest of your team.


Internet of Things

We enable IoT adopters to go beyond a mere collection of data and uncover actionable insight with the help of robust analytical platforms that make the most of big data, machine learning, cognitive computing, and other science-backed technologies.

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IoT data platforms

Building a scalable data management platform that collects, stores, and analyzes data from gateways and sensors across networks.

Embedded, sensor-level analytics

Making IoT devices and sensors smarter, more independent, and able to make intelligent decisions by turning large volumes of raw data into complex analytics.

Intelligent automation

Applying AI to sensor data to make IoT devices more autonomous, in turn allowing machines to analyze the current context, predict the next steps, and take automated actions.

Cognitive computing

Developing systems that rely on data mining, natural language processing, and computer vision to mimic the human brain — understand, reason, and learn.

  • Reduced repetitive tasks
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved product performance and maintenance
  • New revenue models

Real-world applications of our expertise


We help stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem take advantage of clinical and patient data on the way to value-based care delivery. read more



We help startups and fast-moving banks adapt their products and services to the customer-centric era and discover new revenue opportunities. read more


Smart machines

We help companies introduce devices powered by M2M, AI, ML, and deep learning to be able to analyze varying contexts, make decisions, and take action. read more


Smart cities

We help create cities of the future that implement a combination of connected devices, digital technology, and data to make better decisions and improve their citizens’ quality of life. read more

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We help organizations and cities implement highly autonomous and self-learning systems designed to take the mobility of people and things to a whole new level. read more


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