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Smart energy management software

It’s unfortunate that nearly all discussion of the IoT revolution revolves around refrigerators and light bulbs – consumer technology. While those changes will happen, they ignore the much larger opportunity – the “internetization” of industry, a revolution equal in impact to the electrification of industry a century ago.

Richard Mark Soley


When multiple, fluctuating sources supply energy into the power grid, guiding the energy flow and minimizing cost is no easy task.

As more and more sensors generate ever-growing amounts of data, keeping corrupt, inconsistent, or missing values becomes a significant challenge.

The variety and volatility of the sensor data flow accompany the unpredictable load, complicated scheduling, and uncertainties about the ROI, costs, and overall stability of the energy system.

Product overview

Evericity® is a next-gen smart energy management platform that records, consolidates, analyzes, and visualizes all energy-related data — in a city, district, building, data center, or home.

It enables hassle-free integration and data acquisition from all common PLC controls, measuring devices, sensors, databases, web services, file systems, and more.

With the Evericity platform, both the software and the communication infrastructure are bundled into one modular platform. Such integration results in highly efficient services that bring together data from a wide variety of systems for predictive maintenance, analytics, and increased usability.

Upon data ingestion, Evericity® stores billions of records in a data lake while moving those required for advanced analytics to a separate data warehouse.

Optimized for quick response time, this warehouse makes the data (now cleansed, structured, and consistent) available to any user or application within a few moments.

The data warehouse is also set up in a way that the users receive immediate alerts should some of the values exceed the predefined thresholds.

Key features

Evericity provides reliable recording, consolidation, visualization, and evaluation of all energy-related parameters.

The parameters processed and analyzed in real-time include current, voltage, power, efficiency, amount of heat, flow, temperature, relative humidity, real-time cost, reserves, etc.

The degree and scope of evaluations are limitless: from values of an individual counter to the global power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Predictive maintenance and self-learning: all irregularities and anomalies are detected as early as possible to help you avoid any potential equipment shutdowns, damage, and, at the same time, minimize energy cost – both in terms of money and environment.

Evericity enables real-time exchange of data with any energy vendor or device manufacturer.

The platform offers an end-to-end energy management experience, providing IoT connectivity, reliable message queuing, and real-time data processing and analysis.

Actionable analytics: real-time selection of the most cost-effective and the environment-friendly power sources.


  • Reduced breakdowns or underperformance of equipment
  • Minimization of energy costs and minimization of environmental impact
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs due to the intelligent and predictive scheduling
  • Maximized efficiency of the equipment; significant savings due to data-driven decision-making