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Developing cutting-edge products to transform the world through the power of artificial intelligence.

What we do

eXelentex is a boutique AI lab specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), and smart data. Our expert knowledge of these technologies, complemented by our industry experience, gives us exceptional effectiveness in creating software and embedded solutions to improve our clients’ business.

Our products

Our AI-driven solutions power cities, businesses, and communities on their way to a new level of efficiency, safety, quality, and growth.


AI-based speech therapy app.


Digital twin platform for predictive asset maintenance and product manufacturing.


Smart energy management software.

Smart AML

AML solution powered by AI and machine learning.


Digital copilot using predictive analytics to increase flying safety.

Applications of our expertise


Helping health IT companies and providers navigate the shift to value-based care with confidence.

Image processing and analysis: Help doctors reduce their diagnostic workloads, improve accuracy, detect life-threatening conditions earlier, and more.

Speech rehabilitation: Enable speech-language therapists to study, diagnose, and treat communication disorders more effectively.

Genome analysis: Unlock lower sequencing costs and the ability to analyze larger volumes of data while trying to better understand causes and novel variations of rare diseases.

Natural language processing: Improve the accuracy and integrity of electronic health records by turning clinical notes from disparate sources into unified, structured data.

Predictive analytics: Analyze clinical data and PGHD to identify trends in care delivery outcomes, treatment progress, costs, staff performance, and more.


We are enabling forward-thinking financial institutions and startups to reinvent customer experiences without shaking the foundations.

Antimoney laundering: Better understand customer data, identify changes in customer behavior on time, automate KYC procedures, reduce false positives, and more.

Fraud detection: Automatically detect intricate patterns while minimizing human error and time-consuming tasks; allow fraud analysts to focus on severe cases.

Robotic process automation: Automate repetitive, high-volume, and rule-based work, such as KYC/AML, customer onboarding, invoice delivery, data entry, and more.

Credit valuation adjustment: Perform CVA calculations and get results faster while solving scaling and latency issues and keeping costs at bay.


Allowing businesses and cities to embrace this new trend while streamlining collaboration, workflows, and services.

Aviation systems: Help aircrews automate routine jobs, timely and fully execute checklists, and continuously analyze parameters such as altitude, direction, and speed, in real time.

Urban mobility: Provide increased safety, availability, comfort, and performance of city infrastructure to power individuals, municipalities, and companies.

Predictive analytics: Improve mobility services by analyzing big data and predicting movements of people, vehicles, and assets.

Digital twins: Collect massive amounts of big data from connected cars and replicate it in a digital model for more accurate analysis, prediction, and planning.

Smart cities

Improving urban life and governance through the winning combination of digital solutions, IoT, and rich analytics.

Video surveillance: Leverage AI algorithms while analyzing video data to detect situational anomalies, prevent crime, manage traffic, and more.

Mobility: Unlock next-gen mobility solutions to improve public transportation, fleet management, route planning, city parking, traffic management, and more.

Energy management: Record, aggregate, analyze, and visualize all energy-related data for improved performance, maintenance, and cost-efficiency.

Traffic management: Analyze traffic density, optimize traffic lights, reduce waiting time at intersections, prevent road congestion, re-route traffic in emergency situations, and more.

Predictive analytics: Build models of city infrastructure, estimate resources, and predict crime, traffic, and public transport usage.

Smart machines

Implementing self-driving cars, robots, and other cognitive computing systems that complete tasks and make intelligent decisions without human intervention.

Digital twins: Create virtual models of products, services, or processes to prevent downtime and failure, as well as discover new opportunities.

Predictive maintenance: Analyze real-time and historical data to determine when a machine or a system will need to be serviced proactively, before it breaks down.

Connected cars: Enable businesses and customers to benefit from cars connected to the city infrastructure, such as roads, traffic lights, and buildings.

Simultaneous localization and mapping: Get the most out of sensor data and sophisticated SLAM algorithms to let robots build their own maps in unknown surroundings

Sensor fusion: Merge data collected from sensors such as video, lidars, and radars to help machines navigate and perform tasks with more certainty and precision.

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