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ai-driven mobility. beyond the hype.

eXelentex provides AI-backed products and co-creation services to enable safer, more efficient, and more sustainable movement of people and goods. We help cities and organizations adopt smart systems that can learn and perform tasks as well as, or even better, than humans.

Mobility improvement areas

We improve mobility across the spectrum, making complex technology work to everyone's advantage.


Implement next-gen virtual pilot assistants, automated air traffic control, runway capacity management, route optimization, and more.



Increase the efficiency of the taxi business with intelligent customer support, demand prediction, route optimization, and dispatch systems.

Cargo shipping

Use AI to increase vehicle utilization, optimize routes, improve scheduling, and speed up delivery.

City traffic

Orchestrate movement of vehicles and commuters more efficiently by adopting intelligent traffic management, delay predictions, and more.

Driverless vehicles

Adopt AI to manage fleets of driverless cabs and drones as simply as playing a video game.

Vehicle sharing

Put your car, bike, or drone sharing system on AI rails to optimize routes, personalize offerings, predict demand, and schedule timely maintenance.

Real-time navigation

Equip your cars with AI assistants to reduce road accidents and carbon emissions.

Why use technology for better mobility

Our ultimate goals of improving mobility with technology are centered around humanity, the economy, and the environment.

Travel safety

AI makes transportation systems less prone to human error while providing data-driven insights for further safety optimizations.

Business efficiency

We help companies automate routine operations, optimize decision-making based on operational data analytics, and enable a bird' s-eye view of their business.

Urban life comfort

We use technology to unlock cities' mobility potential, which is now curbed by inefficiencies such as traffic congestion, suboptimal routing, and more.


AI enables smart routing, parking, and vehicle sharing to reduce the environmental impact of transport usage.

Our mobility development services

Use case exploration

Our data experts will check your idea against real-life technology use cases and develop a high-level implementation plan as well as a proof-of-value.


We will work out a detailed roadmap for the implementation of your AI software and smart data in line with the use case of your choice.

Prototype development

We will build a prototype of your application to try out in a test environment to validate your concept and adjust the idea or the AI behind it.

Architecture and infrastructure

We will devise the optimal architecture and cloud strategy for your application to achieve the highest ROI in data storage, integration, security, privacy, and management.

AI implementation

We will implement intelligent algorithms to power your future product with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Data management

Get a data management system built around a single source of truth, which will ensure that your data is always available, actionable, secure, and consistent across the entire ecosystem.