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smart machines

eXelentex helps companies discover new capabilities of their assets using artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and the internet of things (IoT).

We enable machines to analyze data and make optimal decisions. AI-driven cars, robots, and other cognitive computing systems that we build take on repetitive manual tasks, cutting costs and freeing up human time.

How AI revolutionizes machines

Digital twins

Build and test a realistic virtual model of an asset or asset fleet to predict its behavior, prevent breakdowns or damages, increase utilization, and optimize for peak efficiency.

Predictive maintenance

Use historical and real-time data from sensors, devices, and systems to prevent equipment breakdowns and maximize its performance and utilization.

Connected hardware

Connect devices within a city or organization and automate them to learn and operate as a network.

Localization and mapping

Enable accurate geospatial localization for vehicles and their real-time tracking along the route.

Sensor fusion

Make sensors, cameras, radars, and lidars work together to enable safe and optimal operation of machines that are fully aware of their surroundings.

Talking machines

Create machines that understand natural speech at a deeper level and ask complex questions while operating in varying contexts.

Voice-operated machines

Set up smart control systems based on voice commands and train machines to learn and predict further requests.

Self-driving vehicles

Automate cars, drones, and other vehicles to drive autonomously at the highest level of safety.

Why power machines with AI and big data

AI-driven machines mean more new business opportunities as well as safe and comfortable urban life.

Stable operation

Predictive analytics and automated self-diagnostics will help you fix minor technical issues before these begin to affect operation.

Low maintenance costs

Predictive maintenance will eliminate breakdowns, saving you money on repair and downtime.

Business efficiency

The intelligent automation will reduce manual work, freeing staff time to focus on tasks that do require human intelligence.

Unlimited reach

A smart machine can perform complex tasks in disease outbreak zones, war zones, fire areas, and other adverse environments.

Personal safety

Thanks to intelligent sensors, a machine can work side by side with humans in a safe manner.

Daily comfort

A smart device network will improve city traffic, reduce congestion and pollution, and increase infrastructure efficiency.

Our smart machine development services

Exploration of ideas

Check out relevant use cases with our data experts, specify your goals and challenges, and get a general plan and a proof-of-value.


Select a use case and get a detailed roadmap for implementing AI and smart data.

Prototype development

We will build a prototype of your prospective product and launch it in a test environment, allowing you to validate the concept using your data and optimize it if needed.

Data architecture and infrastructure

We design the optimal data architecture and cloud strategy, which allows for the highest ROI in data storage, integration, privacy, security, and management.

AI implementation

We develop AI and machine learning algorithms, self-service analytics, visualization, and reporting tools based on your goals.

Data management

We will make data always available, actionable, secure, and consistent across your organization by ensuring a single source of truth.