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co-creation of smart cities

We are an AI lab that brings together humans and computers to enable the next stage of the evolution of cities and achieve self-regulating, self-sustaining urban life.

Smart city applications that already exist

Our technology and science capabilities provide cities with a fresh set of tools to take productivity and sustainability to a new level.


Self-driving cars
Bike and car sharing
Traffic management
Smart parking
Digital public transit payments
Safety of mobility
Intelligent flight, robotaxis, drone navigation.



Home security
Real-time crime mapping
Predictive policing
Gunshot detection
Optimized emergency response
Intelligent video surveillance.


Genome sequencing
Epidemic forecasts
Emergency medicine


Precision medicine
Proactive patient monitoring
Image analysis.

Utilities and environment

Smart energy management


Home energy automation
Waste disposal tracking
Waste collection route optimization
Water quality monitoring
Leakage detection
Smart grids.


Personalized training
Robotic process automation
Personalized marketing and sales
Paperless government
Data-backed decision-making
Personalized customer service.


Automated public services
Community decision-making
Data-driven policymaking
Accessible healthcare
Personalized education.

Finance and banking

Digital payments
Data-driven insurance
Risk analysis
Robotic process automation
Fraud detection
Anti-money laundering.


Manufacturing, logistics, and retai

Industrial robots


Material science
Robotized goods distribution
Intelligent fleet management
Personalized products and services
Proximity marketing

Reap the benefits of a tech-driven city

We put digital technology and advanced data analytics to work, with the goal of creating more intelligent cities that can effectively solve societal problems.

Real-time decision-making and improved governance based on advanced data analytics

Inclusion of communities and individuals in shaping the city's development

Equal opportunities in co-creation of the city for all stakeholders, including government, businesses, and citizens

New business opportunities building up organically with the growing digitization of processes and goods

Reduced likelihood of developing a solution that won't work for that city

Our smart city services

Use case development

We dive into the target city's specifics, create a custom implementation strategy, and develop a prototype to validate your concept.

Big data architecture and integration

We devise a data architecture and integration strategy that will ensure interconnectedness, availability, and security of all smart city data at all times.

AI/ML implementation

We infuse artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms into smart city systems to unlock unprecedented opportunities for deriving valuable insights from data.

Smart city data management

We build a single source of truth that collects comprehensive, consistent, and clean data from all endpoints and provides uninterrupted visibility throughout the data lifecycle.