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eXelentex is an AI powerhouse that helps healthtech product companies and care providers develop value-based, user-centered solutions based on the latest data science and technology.

Healthcare domains where our tech and science skills apply.


Unlocking more accurate diagnostics with AI-powered image analysis, speech recognition, genome sequencing, and big data analytics.


Using AI to discover new treatments, simplify drug manufacturing, and develop smart medical devices.

Clinical research

Improving clinical trials, genetic research, and modeling of organs with the help of deep learning, other AI technologies, and big data.

Precision medicine

Bringing together all of the patient’s health data and insights from external sources to create a comprehensive profile and enable highly personalized treatment.

Disease prevention

Checking a patient’s health data against disease research and other information to interpret their health status more accurately and detect risks in a timely manner

Suicide and violence prevention

Analyzing clinical records, search queries, and social media activity to detect suicidal thoughts and signs of domestic abuse.

Palliative care

Using historical and real-time data to predict which patients are likely to need palliative care and when.


Analyzing non-medical data collected from social media, imaging and weather satellites, and search queries to identify potential epidemic outbreaks.

Care delivery

Using ML, robots, and chatbots to automate medication intake management, psychotherapy, patient-doctor communication, intensive care, rehabilitation, and more.

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Administrative workflows

Improving care navigation, collecting and “understanding” unstructured medical data, and minimizing human involvement in routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, billing, and more.

Emergency medicine

Enabling more accurate and faster processing of emergency calls and providing first-aid advice based on speech recognition and analysis.


Using AI algorithms to create a digital copy of an organ and analyze data from past operations to predict outcomes or improve surgical decisions.

Education and training

Using artificial intelligence to create precise simulations by analyzing a multitude of real-world situations and medical data, including health records, pharmacy notes, genetic reports, and more.

Human resources

Implementing chatbots to assist in interviewing job candidates, onboarding newcomers, and conducting employee satisfaction surveys, among other HR tasks.


Cutting claims processing costs, recognizing fraudulent claims, predicting emergency room visits, and calculating individualized health plans.

Medical supplies

Helping caregivers to prevent a shortage of supplies and reduce the incidence of expired or counterfeit drugs as well as flawed medical devices.

How we solve healthtech industry challenges

Data accuracy

In addition to the cool new tech, we also bring solid data science knowledge to the table to back up your product’s reliability and help you build user trust and mitigate legal or financial risk

Automation reliability

We understand the clinical and privacy limitations in collecting accurate and complete patient data, and we work continuously to improve the reliability of AI-driven automation to ensure doctors make the right decisions at all times.

Software safety and interoperability

We treat healthcare as a safety-critical industry and follow failproof software design, development, and testing methodologies to ensure error-free implementation and performance of health technology, even in highly interconnected systems that require seamless data exchange across the country.

User adoption

We create UX/UI designs that simplify input, validation and presentation of data and provide consistency across each interface to minimize the likelihood of error and maximize user adoption.

Proactive risk assessment

We implement new, data-driven models to enable a shift from reliance on often under-reported incident data or biased expert opinion to the proactive assessment of risks to patients and healthcare providers.

Keeping up with legacy tech

We know that replacing existing systems might be easier said than done. Our team follows a structured approach to maintain a careful balance of innovation and continuity and speed up the new without breaking the old.

Our healthtech services

Use case exploration

Sit down with our data experts to discuss relevant use cases, desired outcomes and potential challenges, and leave with a high-level plan and a proof-of-value.

Technology roadmap

Get a comprehensive roadmap for business and technical implementation of data and AI-based on your selected use case.


We build a prototype of your future product and deploy it in a test environment so you could use your data and validate or course-correct your concept.

Data architecture and infrastructure

We come up with the optimal data architecture and cloud strategy to make storage, integration, privacy, security, and management provide the highest ROI possible.

AI implementation

We develop and optimize machine learning and AI algorithms as well as self-service analytics, visualization, and reporting in line with your objectives.

Data orchestration and integration

We enable you to collect complete, clean, and consolidated data to glean the most granular and comprehensive insights while keeping storage and analysis costs at bay.

Data management and security

We ensure a single source of truth, so all your data and insights are always available, actionable, secure, and consistent across the entire organization.